Building Fabric Maintenance


Maintaining and managing facilities of an entire building is a humongous task. Fakhruddin Integrated Technical Services offers to specialized service to maintain entire buildings on your behalf. Our package includes an end to end solution for all problems and concerns related to facility and maintenance of the property.  You can avail the optional appointment of a permanent on-site engineer to look over the building and tackle all problems.

Service Includes:

Complete Building Assessment

  • A complete assessment of the building by a qualified and trained engineer
  • Free plant survey including a plant audit, building service comparison etc.
  • Assessment of maintenance system
  • Report of anticipated issues and maintenance needs
  • Drawing a customized maintenance service agreement

On-site Engineer Support

  • An on-site engineer best suited to your needs
  • Management of planned and unplanned maintenance services
  • Minimizing service disruption
  • Troubleshoot Maintenance hazards
  • Quick response for repairs
  • Access to emergency service line
  • Legal & professional guidance
  • Technical back-up from FFTS
  • Consultancy on all maintenance matters
  • Cost-effective solutions
  • Prevent additional charges
  • One-man One-stop-shop for all maintenance needs


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