Electrical Maintenance


The electrical system of your property is like its nervous system. Sometimes even a minor glitch can result in major inconvenience. But, when it comes to managing electrical systems, some things are better left for the professionals. It is not just a matter of safety, while safety is the primary reason, but one might throw in far more money jousting with switches and circuits. So to put an end health hazards and unnecessary expenses on repairs, we come to the rescue. Fakhruddin Integrated’s team of trained & professional electricians are adapt at dealing with all major and minor electrical problems.


Service includes:

  • Standby Generators & Capacitor Banks
  • ATS Panel
  • Distribution Systems viz., MDBs, SMDBs & DBs
  • Supply, Protection & Control Devices
  • Switching & Outlets
  • Lighting & UPS Systems
  • Bus Bars
  • Central Battery Systems
  • Portable Appliance Testing (PAT)
  • Periodic Inspection Report (PIR)
  • Emergency light testing
  • Replacement of burnt out power sockets
  • Identification and rectification of loose electrical connections
  • Identification of overloaded circuits and rectification in order to prevent over-heating
  • Identification and replacement of corroded wires or cables
  • Complete & detailed service report


Service Excludes:

  • Parts and materials
  • Any major works related to civil works


We ensure that your electrical system is in compliance with all statutory codes of practice and current wiring regulations of DEWA, SEWA & all other authorities of the UAE. We keep our employees updated to latest and most beneficial practices so that they may best serve you. Our employees also aid you with preventive measures to ensure your safety as well as a long life for our electrical system & appliances.


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