Electrical Repairs


Your electrical system is the nervous system of your household and office. Keeping you safe from electric hazards is our first priority, but we tend to go one step beyond and also focus on energy saving. This comes from our love towards the environment and nature conservation and at the same time cuts down on your electricity bill. Fakhruddin Integrated’s team of experienced electricians also offers advice on increasing the longevity of your electrical appliances & electrical system.

Service Includes:

  • On-site inspection (which can be done under 2 hours)
  • Minor Rectifications
  • Light Fittings Repairs & Replacements
  • Power Socket Replacement
  • Loose Electrical Connections Rectification
  • Overloaded Circuits Rectification
  • Wires & Cables Replacement


Service Does Not Include:

  • Parts & Material Costs
  • Civil Work


When it comes to wires with electricity jolting, it is better to leave it to the professionals. You want your system to perform shockingly well, not shock you. That’s what Fakhruddin Integrated is for.


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