Kitchen Deep Cleaning


A kitchen is the true heart of a house and subject of your practical and emotional attachment and therefore must always remain clean and hygienic. But, as time goes by dust, grease, germs and many other pathogens accumulate in the unreachable corners of the kitchen. Sometimes these are right before our eyes but impossible to get rid of. That is when you call Fakhruddin Integrated. Our trained cleaners specialize in extracting all dirt out of your beloved kitchen and then disinfect the area using purpose-built materials and equipment. The kitchen not only looks clean and shinning, but is completely purged from the grasps of harmful pathogens.


Service Includes:

  • Scrubbing of hard-floors & tiles
  • Cleaning walls, skirting boards, switches & windows with damp wiping
  • Cleaning inside fridge
  • Cleaning microwave
  • Specialized cleaning of kitchen sink, work surfaces, cabinets, external cooker surfaces, & AC vents
  • Removing ingrained food deposits
  • Removing kitchen stains


Service Does Not Include:

  • Window Exterior Cleaning
  • Washing Utensils


Our team of cleaners is trained to recognize and treat various types of kitchen hazards using special methods and techniques. We will raise your kitchen to an unimaginable level of cleanliness and hygiene.


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