Swimming Pool Cleaning


Swimming Pool is where you go to relax and refresh, the last place you would want any form of dirt to linger. Fakhruddin Integrated is here to take up the burden so that you can relax in a clean and clear Swimming Pool. We turn the pool inside out clearing the way for water works and cleaning all surfaces and interiors with specialized equipment designed for the task.


Service Includes:

  • Swimming Pool Vacuuming
  • Debris Removal from Surfaces
  • Swimming Pool Brushing & Scrubbing
  • Chemical Test
  • Sanitation Test
  • Deck Cleaning
  • Pump Strainer Basket Cleaning
  • Pump Room Cleaning
  • Water Level Check
  • Critical Issues Analysis

Service Does Not Include:

  • Stain & Mineral Deposit Removal
  • Removal of Debris Resulting from Natural or Vandalistic Activity
  • Gardening Around Pool Area
  • Pump & filters repairs or installations
  • Plumbing issues
  • Heating or Solar Systems or HVAC Caliberations
  • Civil or MEP work

Once we are done, your swimming pool shall be as clean as water for you to jump, splash and swim at your leisure.


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