Window & Facade Cleaning


The Façade of your house is your first impression. We wash away all marks of climate and pollution violence off your property’s face, leaving the façade bright clean and windows sparkling. We use various specialized products for different types of exteriors along with pressure washing to splash off the layers of dirt and dust. We also use purpose built cleaning fluids to restore that brand-new shine to your windows.


Service Includes:

  • Complete façade washing, cleaning smudges, spots and dust
  • Cleaning of debris and insect marks from the walls
  • Cleaning External windows washing off sand, dust, dirt, stains, and insect marks 
  • Cleaning Window frames
  • Cleaning Fly screen


Service Does Not Include:

  • Cleaning internal windows
  • Cleaning garage windows
  • Cleaning balconies, garages, car park shades, paved yards etc.
  • Cleaning areas not accessible with standard equipment
  • Using non-standard equipment and machinery, eg. scaffolding and boom lifts


Our team takes the task head-on with the assurance that your façade would look as if it just went through spa treatment when we are done with it.


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