Integrated Services

We are a facilities management company, which means we provide all services needed to keep your houses, offices, villas, shops etc. in optimum condition. North South East West of United Arab Emirates, if there is anything that needs fixing, cleaning, servicing, or maintaining; we’re the ones to call. Under one roof, we have accumulated all cleaning and maintenance services that are required to keep your day to day life hassle-free. Fakhruddin Integrated offers facility management solutions for both residential and commercial properties. Our scope of work encompasses all small and big facility services, from handyman services to maintenance of entire buildings; including both technical & non-technical services. You can imagine the best condition for your property and we will surpass your imaginations and expectations.

After much thought and deliberation we have prepared integrated packages that go easy on your pockets, yet cover up all that would be required to meet your property's needs. Our unique ‘Make Your Own Package’ feature gives you the option to choose from our wide range of services and draft your own package, suitable to your needs. We believe in providing customized services for a personalized experience to all our customers. This approach differentiates us from the rest.




We are the pit-stop of properties. Our pit-crew consists of trained, tried, certified and experienced professionals ready to run on your call. Further on, we have equipped our employees with latest technology and instruments to provide optimum service for you and your property.



We exist for one reason and one reason alone: to make your life easy and comfortable while being extremely light on your pockets.


Fakhruddin Integrated Services operates with a simple objective: to help maintain & facilitate properties in order to keep them in pristine condition. Our excellence in performance stems from adherence to this objective. We believe that our personal and professional space should be as healthy as we ourselves want to be. Sometimes need a doctor help us with our health; similarly we are the doctors for properties. Tell us what ails you?

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